Gaze at more than 150 colorful, thought-provoking murals in Astoria next Saturday

Photos: Ruthie Stephens/QNS

For the eighth year in a row, the Welling Court Mural Project will expose Queens residents to murals by artists from all over the world.

More than 150 murals will be on display in Astoria starting on June 10, and art lovers can wander through the makeshift exhibit. The project spans several blocks, but many of the murals can be found near  11-98 Welling Ct., between 30th Avenue and 12th Street.

The project dates back to 2009, when Welling Court resident Jonathan Ellis teamed up with Ad Hoc Art, a Bushwick-based think tank dedicated to creative solutions for urban problems. The nonprofit invited artists from around to world to use Astoria as its canvas.

The first unveiling took place in May 2010 with more than 44 murals, and the number of murals continues to grow every year. 

Organizers are encouraging attendees to bring their favorite snacks and drinks to the event and are asking for donations, which are tax deductible, supplies like spray paint, primer and brushes, and volunteers interested in social media, press outreach and video documentation.

This year’s artists include Abe Lincoln, Jr., Lady Pink, Cekis, Kimyon Huggins, Magda Love, Icy & Sot, Kid Lew and dozens more.

Check out some photos from last year’s Welling Court Mural Project: