Edison High School in Jamaica gets new solar-powered carport for driver’s ed classes

Solar carport all
Photo courtesy of DCAS

Students at one Jamaica high school helped cut the ribbon on an innovative and environmentally friendly new feature added to their school: a solar carport for the driver’s education program.

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) has continued its partnership with Thomas Edison Career and Technical Education High School to open the free-standing solar carport to 165-65 84th Ave., which will use solar power to charge two electric cars to be used in the school’s driver’s education program.

“Our partnership with DCAS has created new innovation pathways in STEM and a tremendous amount of workforce capital at Thomas Edison CTE HS,” said Principal Moses A. Ojeda. “Considering that advances in energy efficiency and technology spurs innovation with global impact, we are now fortunate enough to be at the forefront with cost-efficient electric cars, solar-powered charging stations and advanced computer electrical tools in the hands of our students, all while promoting a clean and healthy environment.”

The new solar carport and electric vehicles are meant to not only teach students how to safely operate a motor vehicle, but also inform them about solar energy, sustainability and other clean energy sources.

“NYC Fleet is a world leader in fleet sustainability and is leading a transition to zero emission and sustainable fleet operations,” said DCAS Commissioner Lisette Camilo. “There is no better example of the future we want to build than today, at Thomas Edison High School in Queens, with our drivers of tomorrow starting out in all electric vehicles, powered by the sun.”

To date, DCAS has provided seven high schools with electric cars for driver’s education classes. It has also donated an additional 19 vehicles for use in high school automotive shops.

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