United against divisive politics

We write this letter united with unequivocal support for City Councilman Paul Vallone.

Recently, many fellow Democrats received his opponent’s hate-ridden mail that contained hostile words, repugnant lies and shameful attacks against our councilman and our district.

We are clearly opposed to this type of negative politicking that has poisoned us nationally and now tries to permeate the fabric of our local communities. We must not allow our families and communities to be torn apart. We stand united against those who want to divide us with outlandish smears, heinous hate and ludicrous lies.

Four years ago, Councilman Vallone brought us together as one community. We were a forgotten district without a voice. He gave us a voice — a unified voice that continues to grow stronger. Councilman Vallone has proven his commitment to represent all nationalities, all religions, our seniors and veterans, our schools and libraries, all unions, and civic and community leaders like us.

We raise our voices in unison against anyone who tries to divide us, and this form of divisive politics and hate must end. This is our time to reject anyone, especially Councilman Paul Vallone’s opponent, who tries to tear us apart with lies and deception.

With one week to go before the Democratic primary the choice could not be clearer.

Show the opposition we stand united against hate.


Charles Apelian

Rev. Fr. Dionysios Anagnostopoulos

Rabbi Yossi Blesofsky

Dominick Bruccoleri

YoonHee Choi

Pauline Chu

John Duane

John Dorsa

Mary Ann Dorsa

Stacey Eliuk

Mike D’Angelo

Joe Femenia

Jason Garcia

Thomas Grech

Carol Gresser

Dr. Rita Harper

J.D. Kim

Young Jin Kim

Thomas Kim

Sangho Lee

Anthony Lemma Sr.

Debra Markell

John. J. McArdle

Carol Nack

Mario Rossi

Linda Rossi

Warren Schreiber

Malini Shah

Nilesh Shah

Matthew Silverstein

Peter Tu

Hema Virani

John Zullo

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