View this exhibit showcasing new and old photos of Astoria’s Hell Gate Bridge

Screenshot via hellgate100nyc.com

To celebrate the 100th birthday of the Hell Gate Bridge, a community group will showcase dozens of photos of the structure in Astoria next month.

The Hell Gate 100 Committee, which has been organizing events to honor the bridge since its 100th birthday on March 9, began asking people to submit their best photos of the Hell Gate to their website starting in August for a photo contest.

Dozens of people have submitted photos of the bridge in black and white, in color and throughout different seasons. People can submit their photos in a number of categories including sunrise, sunset, day, night, seasonal, celebrations and artistic. Interested artists can also submit their design for a Hell Gate logo.

“We wanted different categories so there is more variety and a chance for multiple winners within each category,” said Antonio Meloni, a founder of the Hell Gate 100 Committee. “The diverse categories are listed and people can make their own if they feel it is not covered.”

On Nov. 8, Nov. 9 and Nov. 11, the photos will be displayed at T Studio, which is located at 38-01 23rd Ave. in Room 203.

The “Celebrating the Hell Gate” exhibit will be open from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday and 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. Entrance is free and there will be people’s vote winners and a judge’s pick winner for both the photos and the logos.

“The only prize is knowing that you’re as good as you think you are and other people agree[ing],” Meloni said.

To submit a photo or keep up with upcoming events, visit the Hell Gate 100 Committee website.


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