Community leaders bless JFK Airport

Community leaders bless JFK Airport
JFK General Manager Mike Moran, Father Piasta, Rabbi Korenblit, and Pastor Dabee move among the crowd after the Blessing of the Port.

Chaplains bless JFK Airport community. Similar to the blessing of the fleets at marine ports, this convocation was made for all that work and travel at and through the airport.

Michael Moran, General Manager of JFK Airport, officiated for the 4th year over the Blessing of the Airport, and travelers at JFK Airport. Originally scheduled for the first week in January the ceremony was delayed by Mother Nature who blessed us with a bomb cyclone.

Speaking to a crown of 150 workers from the airport Moran thanked everyone for their hard work and did a quick review of 2017 including recognition of the 911 ceremony, the largest passenger travel of 60 million people through the terminal, efforts to help Puerto Rico hurricane victims, the year anniversary of the largest recent peaceful demonstration against the Travel Ban, praise for PAPD, “ greatest professionals under restraint during that event, and the privilege of having four chaplains at JFK.

Moran also called for a moment of silence for all those Port Authority airport workers hwho had passed away last year who included: Anthony Layne, Raymond Haskins, Vincent Ambroso, Lucian Manousos, Anthony Contreras, Henry Howie, Louis Cerulli, Herbert Talcsik, Gregory Hegmann, Liborio Bonaccorso, James Kennelly.

JFK Airport Wildlife Supervisor Robert Randall looks at the year in review at the Blessing of the Port.

Three Chaplains at the Blessing were Father Piasta of the Ladies of the Skies Chapel; Pastor Dabee of the Church for Christ, and Rabbi Korenblit of the Airport Synagogue. Each had shared their thoughts and gave their own blessings to all in attendance.

After ward, all four leaders of the airport community walked among the crowd sharing good will and wishes for a healthy and good 2018.

Mohammed Zaman of Airtrain, and Alvaro Hernandez, Program Manager, have a snack provided by A&R Foods after the blessing.

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