JFK horses now must go through ARK

JFK horses now must go through ARK

According to a recent JFK notification, effective April 1, 2018, the Port Authority will no longer allow airfield access through JFK Vehicle Entry Guard Posts for horses and their transport vehicles including accompanying equipment and personnel.

The Port Authority will require coordination for transportation of horses at JFK through the Ark at JFK Import Export Center located at Building 78A.

All horses entering the U.S. through JFK must be processed through the Ark, a new, purpose-built facility established to conveniently provide all types of animal services. The Ark will assist the horse shipping community, including carriers, brokers, shippers and ground handlers, with CBP compliant logistical arrangements, including escort for airside access and between aircraft and the Ark facility, where health and document inspections and other services may be utilized.

Equine import quarantine facilities are available at the Ark and equine transport vehicles will be permitted to stage at the landside access point for Building 78A, for transfer to other destinations.

This new procedure will allow the Port Authority to maintain good order in its livestock handling operations and continue to provide airside access to the horse shipping community in accordance with federal operator requirements, while remaining cognizant of security and safety concerns. The procedure provides continued access to the Ark’s onsite animal services facility, which follow world-class standards for the humane treatment and care of horses transported through JFK.

To coordinate and arrange transportation of horses through the Ark Import Export Center, please call (212) 532–0084 ext. 202, e-mail [email protected]arkjfk.com, or call the Port Authority for more information on this matter, (718) 244–3650

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