Stopping them all at the border

Stopping them all at the border
Agricultural Inspector Cox shakes any insects loose during Valentine’s Day Rose inspection on thousands of stems during this busy season.

The Customs Border Patrol has a huge diverse set of duties protecting citizens of our country. One of the less known duties is the Agricultural arm of the agency. This group inspects all types of agriculture and flowers entering this country to prevent any insects or fungus that could hurt our natural species.

During this time of year tons of flowers arrive from all over the world.

These flowers arrive on pallets which then are sampled to make sure that nothing harmful enters the states. Inspectors open boxes, removes bunches of flowers and especially roses for Valentines Day.

Bundles are taken to a clean room where they are shaken and inspected for bugs. If any are found, they are identified and then either allowed to enter the country or sent to s closed facility where they are stored before burned at an offsite facility.

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