Interline and NYALO present at KAAMCO

Interline and NYALO present at KAAMCO
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

Two excellent presentations kicked off the April Kaamco meeting; one from Jim Groark, Station Manager Cathay Pacific, on the Interline contract, and the other by Ariela Ruiz of NYALO. President Blainey also announced the Kaamco Golf Outing for Thursday June 28 at the Plandome Country Club.

The Interline baggage contract is in its second year, and according to Groark and other users, it is a successful contract for the airlines in handling inter-flight baggage transfer. Groark said this is an excellent service, cost effective and extremely reliable with over a 99% success rate in moving the bags within the 20 minute window of opportunity. He expressed great confidence is the ability to have a control of the location of bags throughout the flight travel and this can be seen from the software used for this application. It is the plan for the Interline project to be able to satisfy the needs of all the carriers at the airport and an to bring down the cost by having each additional carriers sign on. Benefits include excellent tracking of bags , quick transfer, dedicated service , setting technology automation, new vehicles with a 65 person staff to handle the operation,

Guest Ariela Ruiz, project manager for the New York Airline Liaison office, explained the mission of the 13 year old company which is to be an intermediary between the airlines at the metro New York airports and the Port Authority. She said that NYALO wants to support Kaamco by bringing together the airline organization and the Port Authority to review and resolve many matters which represent the 100 plus airlines at JFK. NYALO wants to further facilitate coordination of all subgroups at other airport organizations and Port Authority in a technical and financial consulting and representative manner. NYALO currently provides a six month financial report with Port Authority airline fees and charges, Ruiz acknowledged that governance at airports and the $10 billion airport master plan initiated by Governor Cuomo. Last year are big issues and NYALO wants to assist in the information exchange and collaboration among all airlines and Port Authority.

As meeting Chair, Moran mentioned several items throughout the meeting: he congratulated American Airlines for their honor flight and said this is always a great event; he thanked Kaamco and partners for holding the NTSB safety Family Workshop; express gratitude for the Police is responding quickly to the needs of the airport community in two different events; announced upcoming the JFK Rotary Runway Run Race; thanked the TSA for intervening to assist the mentally challenged at the check points; congratulated April Gasparri for her new position In Pittsburgh and wished her the best; reiterated the information of the revised April 16 equine transport protocol in which the Ark is coordinating all horse transportation through the airport guard posts and he mentioned the formal closure of EOC from building 14 ßto Building 111.

As April’s last Kaamco meeting he reported that there is a new interim towing company at the airport called Runway Towing as the same phone as before. She shared information about the rebranding of the Taxi service at the airport with details on the rollout across the terminals. She announced her new job change and thanked everyone for their friendship Judy Blainey, President of Kaamco and the Board members presented her with a ;recognition plaque for her service to the community. April introduced Steve Brocchini as the acting Operations manager and Mike welcomed him as well to the job.

Captain Bellucci of the PAPD reported that over all airport crime is down 17 percent over same time period last year with larceny alone down 30 percent. However there is a problem with theft of unattended bags and shoplifting of thee personal items. He showed the group a sample of a new flyer warning visitors to take care of their property and avoid thefts. He also reported the apprehension of a Rogue rental car employee taking cars and renting out which is a grand theft charge. There was also an individual who was transferring bags from cargo area to a plane and stealing their valuable in the process. He too was apprehended.

Kim Dickey from Security announced a table top security discussion at the May 17 in lieu of the Kaamco security meeting. She reminded people that July 1st is the date that all security services personnel are to be trained in the new security program and permit progress. Security guard permit from property office. Contracts that are in domain January 2019, active contracts grand fathered until those expire. Requesting list of contracts and expiration date when sign off for permits.

In a related matter, Moran responded to community outreach about proposed Port wage increases and burden some have argued it will bring. He encouraged those who has issues to attend a Port Authority Board meeting, that is open to guest speaker, and verbalize their opinions about the wage increases and impact on certain companies serving the airports.

TSA Inspector Bambury expressed his appreciation for April’s work saying “Our loss is Pittsburgh’s gain”. He recognized Sanchita Jiminez for her achievement as running the largest 7th mass transit system in the US and invited her to speak to his staff as an inspiration. He said he is waiting for a large authorization of overtime for putting on summertime staff to deal with increased passenger travelling.

Deputy Asst. Port Director Isabel Galantino gave the details on the shake up of assignment at the Customs area which sees to occur on occasion. She also said she is waiting for increase in the summer staffing budget..

Airtrain Working on maintenance shutdown schedule; discussed Jamaica ticket machine relocation because of passenger congestion.

Bill Huisman as facilitator of the NYCAR, described the importance of airline managers to attend the meetings. He said there is a lot of push back against airports and noise and that airlines are needed to protect their investments against strong opposition.

He reported that the first portion of Part 150 noise study was finished and that the second part deals with ways to abate and mitigate the noise.

Mike Moran concurred and encouraged all to participate since some of the community would like to see the airport closed, so it is important to protect the airlines and airport economic engines.

Andrew Campbell, Director of Council for Airport Opportunity (CAO) mentioned the April 20 CAO job fair at Vaughn College. He said there were 600 candidate registrants looking for jobs and he invited Kaamco members to participate in the job fair at no charge.

Al DePhillips reported for the JFK Chamber of Commerce and told the Kaamco meeting that the recent luncheon honoring Henry Kuykendall of Delta was a big success. He then mentioned that the Chamber scholarship applications is open and winners to be announce at a June Chamber luncheon.

The Meeting concluded with the surprise preentation of a going away cake for April from her friends.