Fast-acting fireman based in Flushing contains a blaze and saves two from a roof in Queens

Photo: Facebook/New York City Fire Department (FDNY)

An off-duty fireman’s quick thinking help contain a fire that ignited in Queens over the weekend.

FDNY Firefighter James Lugo of Engine Company 320, based on Francis Lewis Boulevard in Flushing, was visiting his father in Corona on the afternoon of Nov. 18 when people started to run into the street saying that there was a fire in one of the other houses.

Lugo, who was off duty at the time, sprang into action and began to investigate the situation.

“I went to the house and searched the first floor to make sure no one else was in there and got everyone out,” said Lugo on the FDNY Facebook page. “After that, I went looking for the fire. It was in the basement, so I contained it by closing the door.”

After containing the fire, Lugo went outside and found that two people were on the roof of the home. Lugo grabbed his father’s ladder and assisted the individuals off of the house.

“When the truck and engine showed up, I let them know that the fire was in the basement and they were able to get to it right away,” Lugo said.

Engine Company 316, based in East Elmhurst, proceeded to extinguish the fire by running the hose through the rear basement door. One firefighter was taken to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The FDNY is reminding the public that fires can be contained by closing the door. For more fire tips, visit fdnysmart.org.

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