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Ozone Park elementary school is the latest to receive citywide music program

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P.S. 377 in Ozone Park is the latest elementary school to partner with Education Through Music (ETM), a music education program that provides musical education to underserved communities.

At the start of the fall semester, students who attend the school located at 150-15 Raleigh St. received a comprehensive musical education from a qualified music teacher weekly, according to ETM.

Every student at P.S. 377 learned how to use an instrument by one of the instructors trained, mentored and provided by ETM, according to Education Through Music.

In an Education Through Music video on their website, students are depicted learning to play the violin, the cello and other instruments.

“Every student at P.S. 377Q will now receive quality music education as a core subject throughout the school year,” noted Director of Programs Colleen Stewart. “The ETM program provides students a well-rounded education that will help engage and support learning in other key areas. We are excited for the students of P.S. 377Q to grow not only in their music classes but their overall education.”

According to the video, music courses help students in other areas like math, reading and speaking with others and are just as important as main subjects like math and English. ETM students have also been shown to have better reading, writing, and mathematical skills after being in the program.

For the 2018 to 2019 school year, 34,000 students across New York City would have been in an ETM program, according to Education Through Music.

“Education Through Music is thrilled to welcome P.S. 377Q to our list of long-standing partner schools for the 2018-2019 school year,” said Katherine Damkohler, ETM Executive Director. “Music education helps provide new opportunities for students to help them achieve maximum success both academically and in life. Together we are helping provide high-quality music education to every student.”

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