Details of American Airlines’ $344 million investment at JFK Airport

Photo by Jeff Yapalater

By Jeff Yapalater

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office announced a new investment, expansion and lease plan by American Airlines (AA) Terminal 8 at JFK Airport, which would have British Airways and Iberia vacate Terminal 7 and move to Terminal 8.

AA Terminal 8 is the third terminal in JFK Airport’s “Reimagined” redevelopment plan.

In October 2018, both JetBlue and Terminal One, along with their individual investors, announced two developments totaling $13 billion. The AA program is smaller in scope, but is the third piece in a yet to be determined number in the redevelopment plan for the airport.

The TWA Hotel was the first non-terminal development which is set to open for business in May of this year. Yet to be finalized are plans for a Central Mall, and growth of JFKIAT T4.

At the Feb. 14 Port Authority Board meeting, Port Authority Chief Development Officer Derek Utter presented the board with the proposal. According to Utter’s presentation, the plan highlights include:

A $344 million investment by American Airlines and British Airways; $319 million for the expansion of Terminal 8 (originally built in 2005) and airside improvements; $25 million for the renovation of bathrooms and other customer service improvements; no Port Authority funding; no extension of lease term (expires Dec. 31, 2035); more than 500 direct jobs and more than 750 total jobs created.

Among other improvements that are part of the plane are:

  • Two new widebody gates
  • The modification of existing gates to allow for additional widebody flights
  • The paving of a portion of “Parcel M” to create three new hardstands with an associated taxi lane to improve gate utilization space
  • The addition of 70,400 square feet to the terminal and refurbishing of another 57,500 square feet
  • The reconfiguration of the check-in lobby to increase capacity by 25 percent
  • The improvement of the baggage handling system
  • The addition of 25 percent capacity to the international bag claim
  • The renovation of existing Terminal 8 bathrooms
  • The expansion of the fourth-level lounge complex to create joint American Airlines/British Airways premium lounges
  • More flexible travel options, with 14 daily flights to London from the same terminal.

Timeline for the planned activity

  • JFK Redevelopment Environmental and Construction Timeline Activity Timing:
  • Port board approval of Terminal 8 lease amendment
  • Terminal 8 Environmental review (2019)
  • Terminal 8 Construction completed (late 2022)
  • British Airways relocates from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 (late 2022)
  • JetBlue takes possession of Terminal 7 site (late 2022)
  • Initial gates JetBlue (T6 site) and TOGA T1 (2023)
  • Full opening (2025)

The resolution was adopted at the meeting and Executive Director Cotton is authorized to enter into a supplemental agreement to amend Amended and Restated Lease No. AYB-085R with American.

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