Flushing leaders rail against DOT for lagging in repainting lanes along repaved stretch of Northern Boulevard

Photo courtesy of Koo’s office

City Councilman Peter Koo and state Senator Toby Ann Stavisky on Friday called upon the city Department of Transportation to finish repainting the lines on Northern Boulevard, citing dangerous conditions due to months of no street markings.

Koo and Stavisky were joined on Feb. 22 by Community Board 7 Chair Gene Kelty near the Daniel Carter Beard Mall, at Northern Boulevard and Main Street in Flushing. They claimed that the lack of lines have contributed to traffic flow problems, and an increased risk of accidents.

Resurfacing on the 1.5 mile stretch of Northern from College Point Boulevard to 156th Street began last fall, but delays stretched the project into the winter preventing the thermoplastic lane markings from sticking. After community complaints, the city placed temporary lane lines, but those markings have since faded leaving a dangerous thoroughfare where multiple lanes of traffic have no clear markings to direct vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Last year, Koo introduced legislation Intro. 1805, that would require all pavement markings be repainted one week after the completion of street resurfacing work. The resurfacing on Northern was completed at least two months ago.

“We understand that delays happen, but Northern Boulevard is a Vision Zero Priority Corridor that deserves to be treated as the highest priority,” said Koo. “Without the proper lane and pedestrian markings, whatever dangers that already exist on this busy thoroughfare are significantly exacerbated, and the city needs to finish the job and treat this corridor with the urgency it deserves.”

Kelty said the board is in favor of Intro. 1805 for permanent markings, which is mandatory after the completion of a project.

Board 7 feels that one week is ample time to put in permanent markings and we thank Councilman Koo for this introduction and we wholeheartedly support Senator Stavisky and Council Member Koo in this call to complete the lines on Northern Boulevard,” said Kelty.

Stavisky commended the DOT for completing much needed paving on Northern Boulevard last year, but is insisting the DOT add the finishing touches to the project.

“It is dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians, especially in the evening. The safety and well-being of our constituents is a top priority, and I hope that we can work together to solve this issue in a timely manner,” said Stavisky.

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