Step up your property info searches with these new features in PropertyShark.com

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Any broker or real estate agent knows how tedious and monotonous it is searching for property information and owner contact details.  With tons of sites to sift through on the internet changing daily, you could spend hours (or even days) with no real results.

That’s where PropertyShark.com steps in:

As New York City’s leading data provider, with a national presence, PropertyShark is your go-to destination to find the comprehensible data you need when researching residential or commercial properties.

Their one-stop site helps brokers and agents streamline the process to find the information they need, including; property characteristics, comparable sales, phone numbers, canvassing tools, mailing lists, foreclosures, FAR, building class, zoning, mortgages and so much more…

“We aggregate our data from hundreds of public resources which is updated nightly, providing our subscribers a single-source platform to find property information.  Someone without PropertyShark has to search multiple websites to find this information.  We take it, and put it under one roof, as an all-inclusive property data platform,” said Vince Soriero, Business Development Manager at PropertyShark.

Acquired by Yardi Systems Inc., an industry-leading investment and property management software provider, PropertyShark has grown tremendously and is the go-to property information and lead generation tool for over 15,000 real estate professionals.

“One of PropertyShark’s newest features is their Platinum Real Owners Behind LLC Owned Properties.  With this new feature, PropertyShark users can instantly find the true owners name(s) behind LLC’s, other properties they own and phone numbers, without having to spend hours (if not days) searching through multiple websites to find this info.  Yes – there’s an upgraded cost to have this feature, but it’s well worth its weight in gold,” said Vince Soriero.

In addition to finding LLC owned property owners, PropertyShark now offers a simplistic feature called (PIPL) People Search [Get Phone Numbers] button to instantly view individual owned property owners; names, age, gender, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.  “To put it plainly, you can’t hide from PropertyShark,” said Vince Soriero.

“What truly sets PropertyShark apart is their unparalleled, in-depth real estate data and interactive tools allowing brokers and agents a streamline process to conduct property research and due diligence.  It’s well worth it to have this tool in your back pocket,” said Vince Soriero.

Vince says, “PropertyShark doesn’t just benefit brokers and agents – PropertyShark is also used religiously by, investors, developers, financial institutions, insurance companies and appraisers every day.”

PropertyShark offers brokerages volume discounted group rates for teams of five or more agents.

For more information about PropertyShark’s discounted group offerings, please contact Vince Soriero at 718-408-4988 (or) email him at vince.soriero@propertyshark.com (or) For individual subscriptions, please contact their Customer Support team at 718-715-1758.


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