Two veteran educators at Astoria’s St. John’s Prep named school’s new principal and president

Courtesy of St. John's Prep

Two longtime teachers at St. John’s Preparatory School in Astoria have been appointed to key leadership positions.

The St. John’s Prep board of trustees named Nuala Martinez as its new president and Maria Johnson as the school’s new principal.

Martinez has served 32 years as a math teacher, mathematics department chairperson and assistant principal for administrative affairs. Johnson, meanwhile, has served 34 years as a social studies teacher, social studies department chairperson and assistant principal of student life.

Both women are passionately committed to continuing and promoting the Vincentian Mission as they prepare to celebrate the 150th anniversary of St. John’s Prep, which was founded in 1870.

Martinez and Johnson have followed his teachings and have dedicated their lives to embracing and to affirming the dignity of their students. Their goals are clear in preparing students to be leaders not only in academic excellence but also, and more importantly in faith, values, integrity, and service.

Martinez said that she “intends to establish new sources of revenue, to create and encourage vibrant alumni participation, to develop strong lasting partnerships and to seek opportunities for future academic advancement and growth.”

Martinez and Johnson will work as a team to develop new and engaging programs in areas of technology, science, mathematics and research. The have already begun plans for expanding STEAM programs, enriching present curricula and creating effective and supportive ways of meeting individual student needs.

“The legacy of a St. John’s Prep education is the development of a deep and abiding sense of faith, the creation of school culture that is welcoming and supportive of all students and serves as the inspiration for a life-long journey of learning,” Johnson said.

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