Parks Department puts gate around Forest Park Bandshell parking lot to keep out nighttime noisemakers

Max Parrott/QNS

The Queens Parks Department recently installed a gate outside Forest Park Bandshell parking lot that will physically enforce a 10 p.m. curfew in the area.

The installation marks a victory in Councilman Robert Holden’s months-long campaign against car clubs who use the parking lot to meet in the parking lot and blast loud music out of their car stereos. Holden has worked closely with the local police precincts on the issue, urging them in April to be more vigorous about enforcing noise violations after a surge of constituent made 311 complaints about the noise.

“This gate comes after many weeks of cooperation between the community, my office, the NYPD and Parks Department, who were all committed to solving a problem that was disruptive to the neighborhood,” Holden said. “I’m happy this teamwork will lead to the peace and quiet in Forest Park that my constituents deserve.”

While members of the auto community claimed that tickets were not going to stop other enthusiasts from showing off their audio systems, which can often cost between $25,000 to $30,000, a solid metal gate certainly will.

The Parks Department said that new swing gates provide better security for the lot. The installation of the gates, including ordering of materials, took about a month and cost approximately $2,000. Borough Parks Commissioner Michael Docket said that the gates were built with parks department construction workers.

Along with the gates, the Parks Department installed new signage which states the rules, including the prohibition of amplified sound, barbecuing and idling.