Slew of Maspeth streets and roadway under M line in Ridgewood set to be repaved this year

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The city’s Department of Transportation plans on resurfacing a number of residential Maspeth streets as part of its slate of repaving schedule in the Community Board 5 area this year.

The tentative resurfacing list, which QNS received from Board 5 this week, also includes a portion of Palmetto Street under the elevated M line in Ridgewood.

Every year, the DOT’s Bureau of Highways conducts a series of resurfacing jobs in each community district of the city. Most of the repaving in the Board 5 area generally occurs in the latter half of the year.

This year’s resurfacing list runs from July through December of 2019, though there’s no specific dates for when these projects will take place. The DOT will post notices on the affected streets in advance of work.

Street resurfacing takes place in two phases. First, the DOT will send a crew to scarify, or strip, the existing pavement off the street. A short time later, usually within a week or two, another crew will work to lay down a new layer of asphalt on the roadbed.

Each street will be closed to vehicular traffic during work periods. The DOT will post no-parking signs before the scheduled work. Any vehicles found parked on the street during work hours will be towed away.

The Board 5 street resurfacing schedule, which is subject to change, for the latter half of 2019 includes the following, broken down by neighborhood:


  • Palmetto Street between Myrtle and St. Nicholas avenues;
  • Cornelia Street between Cypress and Wyckoff avenues;
  • Hancock Street between Myrtle and Cypress avenues;
  • Woodward Avenue between Putnam Avenue and Grove Street.


  • 68th Street between Otto Road and Myrtle Avenue;
  • 71st Place between Edsall and Central avenues;
  • 71st Street between the dead end block off Central Avenue and the dead end block off Myrtle Avenue;
  • Edsall Avenue between 71st and 73rd places.


  • 52nd Avenue between 70th and 72nd streets;
  • 53rd Road between 72nd and 73rd streets;
  • 57th Avenue between Mazeau and 74th streets;
  • 59th Road between 68th and 69th streets;
  • 71st Street between Calamus and 53rd avenues;
  • 72nd Place between Calamus and Grand avenues, and between Grand and 57th avenues;
  • 73rd Place between 57th Avenue and the dead end;
  • 73rd Street between Grand and 52nd avenues;
  • 74th Street between Calamus and Grand avenues.

Middle Village

  • 75th Street between Penelope Avenue and Juniper Boulevard South;
  • 82nd Street between Caldwell Avenue and Juniper Boulevard North.

For more information about street resurfacing, or to request a resurfacing in Ridgewood, Glendale, Maspeth or Middle Village, call Board 5 at 718-366-1834 or 311.

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