Queens artist unveils new borough-centric murals at Fresh Meadows shopping center

Photo credit: Art by Rob Anderson, Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRIT)

For the second year in a row, a Queens artist will grace Fresh Meadows with his whimsical artwork.

On Oct. 28, Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRIT) unveiled new murals by visual artist Rob Anderson, who created the “Kitizens of Fresh Meadows” in 2018. His murals entitled “Shared Spaces” and “Greetings from Fresh Meadows” are an extension of his partnership with FRIT, who work to support the local artistic community while enhancing the surrounding environment.

“Federal Realty has a strong commitment to promoting local artists and the communities where we have properties,” said Matt Ehrie, vice president and regional portfolio manager for FRIT. “Our ongoing relationship with Rob Anderson continues to evolve and bring new art to Fresh Meadows for our shoppers to discover.”

The large, colorful murals reside at the FRIT-owned Fresh Meadows Place, a neighborhood hub for shopping, dining and entertainment.

“Shared Spaces” are two 11-by-11 foot mural located in the heart of the outdoor public square. Anderson’s piece depicts dozens of colorful figures at work and play. One of the panels shows a kitchen scene wherein the people are preparing food and drink that is being served on the next panel. The guests enjoy food and shopping, mirroring the activities at Fresh Meadows Place.

According to the artist, he chose to paint each figure in a unique color scheme to celebrate Queens’ diversity and reputation as “the most diverse borough in the world.”

“Shared Spaces” mural

Anderson’s second piece, “Greetings from Fresh Meadows,” is a 20-by-10 foot mural on 188th Street. He drew inspiration for the mural from retro large letter postcards and contemporary pop art while paying homage to Queens-centric landmarks.

At the top are the piece’s title words written in cursive, followed by depictions of the Flushing Meadows Observation Towers, the World’s Fair, Unisphere and Citi Field within each of the letters of the word “Queens.” At the bottom, Anderson illustrated recognizable portions of Fresh Meadows Place flanked by painted residential dwellings and the Sunnyside 7 train overpass.

“Art is as important to the city as the city is important to art,” Anderson said. “I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with Federal Realty to create new murals at Fresh Meadows Place and connect with the local community while I’m painting.”

Several new businesses recently opened at the Fresh Meadows shopping center, including Blaze Pizza across from “Shared Spaces” and Pokeworks across from his first mural “Kitizens of Fresh Meadows.”

Last November, FRIT unveiled Anderson’s “Kitizens of Fresh Meadows” which depicts everyday people as cats. The artist has also collaborated with brands and organizations like Steve Madden, Dr. Martens, National Council for Jewish Women and St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

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