Le Vee Lash Bar offers beauty and relaxation on Astoria Boulevard

Photo by Jessica Militello


When the owner of Le Vee Lash Bar opened her business on Astoria Boulevard in January, she had the image in her mind for the salon to be a getaway for customers.

Walking into the chic and modern lash bar at 28-05 Astoria Blvd., the aesthetic is perfectly set for an escape from many things like a busy workday or the raw cold outside on a January day. The salon’s pink spa beds offer a chance to lay back and relax while Vanessa, the owner (who requested for her last name to not be used), and her staff of experts provide beauty services like eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and more.

Aside from lash services, the lash bar also offers waxing from facial to body hair removal as well as services in eyebrows like shaping and tinting. Vanessa wanted the salon to be a place where her customers can go to take care of several of their beauty needs so that they can feel their best throughout their day from start to finish.

“I want the lash bar to be a place where people come in and feel like this is their getaway zone,” said Vanessa. 

While this is Vanessa’s first time opening a store front, she has been a lash technician for over two years. But before realizing her passion for the lash and beauty industry, she initially had a completely different path set out for herself.

“I went to school for psychology and I liked it, but it just wasn’t my thing,” Vanessa said. “I couldn’t really find my passion and I thought, ‘I paid all of this money for school what am I going to do now?’”

One thing Vanessa did know she was passionate about were lashes. After getting her beauty license and completing a lash course to earn her certification, she began working from a salon based in New York City. She gained hands on experience in doing lashes and working with customers.

From there, she decided to go the entrepreneurial route, building a client base through social media platforms like Instagram, and would have clients come over to her home for lash appointments in a room she set up for work. While this arrangement worked out for her for a while, she ultimately decided it was time to open up a storefront and expand her business even more.

“I realized I wanted to do more than lashes, I wanted to open a place where you can get your brows, waxing, and lashes done,” said Vanessa. 

Vanessa also specifically chose Astoria because it has been a neighborhood she enjoys spending time in and meeting with friends.

“I like the vibe and the atmosphere of Astoria,” said Vanessa. “It’s like you’re in the city, but it’s closer and easier, and because I love it so much it just popped in my head to open up a store in Astoria.” 

Clients can choose from different styles of lashes like natural, glam, fabulous, or a volume set. Each set offers a different look for what suits each personal preference for style and look.

For the first two months that Le Vee is in business, first time clients can enjoy 20 percent off on their first visit and existing clients can also receive 20 percent after five visits. The lash bar is also open until 8 p.m. most days in order to cater to women with busy and working schedules. But overall, Vanessa hopes to bring a place of beauty and relaxation for customers.

“I hope to bring a chic place where women can come in and feel beautiful,” said Vanessa, “We want girls to feel relaxed and like they’re being catered to.”