Halloween-themed face masks to match the spooky season

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Photo by Charles M. Zizzo


Governor Cuomo has shared that he has no plans to ban Halloween trick-or-treating. However, this will depend on how parents choose to celebrate. While schools are adjusting to being open, there hasn’t been any news if costumes will be allowed this day.

Regardless if you have a chill Halloween or go full costume, kids are going to be encouraged to wear face masks. We have themed masks that celebrate the spirit of Halloween, including a DIY mask exclusively crafted for us by a former Brooklyn teacher.

So find your fun Halloween mask and order, or make early for all goblins and creatures.

DIY bat mask

Crafter and teacher extraordinaire Bee Zizzo designed this mask specially for New York Family readers. Use a mask you already have in a fun color or use white like our bat mask. Instructions below!


  • Kid-size face mask (I used the Japanese Seamless Comfort mask)
  • Black wool felt
  • HeatnBond Ultrahold iron-on adhesive
  • Iron
  • Craft scissors


  • Place adhesive on backside of felt (paper liner should face up)
  • Hold medium heat iron on paper liner for two seconds, repeat until the surface of felt is bonded
  • Allow to cool
  • Draw outlines of bat shapes onto the paper liner
  • Cut out the outlines of the bats, peel off paper liners (use craft or household scissors, the adhesive could ruin your fabric scissors)
  • Place felt bats (adhesive side down) on top of the mask
  • Press and hold iron for 10 seconds on each bat until the entire bat is bonded to the mask

(Best to hand wash and air dry)

Kids’ three-pack Wonder Woman face mask

This washable three-pack of masks fits kids ages 3 and over. This is fun if your child dresses as the fabulous Wonder Woman this Halloween or simply sports it around any day of the week! Three-pack, $10, target.com