New water sculpture unveiled inside LaGuardia Airport’s renovated Terminal B

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 5.28.18 PM
Photo by Dean Moses

The LaGuardia Gateway Partners and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey unveiled a water sculpture inside the newly renovated Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport last week.

The installation, created in partnership with French company Aquatique Show, is 25 feet tall and uses 4,000 gallons of recirculated water, traveling through 450 individually controlled valves, to create different shapes and patterns.

“One of the great features and the element of the Governor’s vision is for this to not only be a 21st century airport in terms of function, but that it would have a level of civic architecture and level of appeal that would make this an inspiring place,” said Rick Cotton, the executive director of the Port Authority.

Lighting, projection and audio reflect onto the falling water inside the installation so that shows can be shown on the sculpture.

The instillation is one of many pieces that have gone and will go into the $8 billion redevelopment of LaGuardia Airport.

See photos from the unveiling below.