Victoria’s Diary: Reveling safely at the Ravel

Power Women honorees and their friends and family on the penthouse rooftop of Ravel.

With the coronavirus still a threat, having our events with hundreds of people had to end. Or did it?

My talented and devoted staff committed themselves to pivot how we held our events and refused to give up on offering the business community a way to network and build their business. It took months of research and trial and error, but they did it!

Last week I cheered during our Power Women of New York event at the Ravel Hotel in Long Island City.

On their rooftop with heating lamps all around us and heat flowing from the ceiling, we welcomed one woman at a time to walk the red carpet and receive their “Vicki,” a statue that is reminiscent of Hollywood’s Oscar award.

My event leaders Demetra and Toni spent endless hours to make each woman feel like the superstars they are. 

Since my son Josh started the LIC Flea & Food Market on the Long Island City waterfront, we realized how the neighborhood is such a unique place in our city. 

We met Ravi Patel, the owner of the Ravel hotel, when Josh had his baby Sloane’s naming party on their rooftop. He built an addition to the hotel and a conference center just under the nearby Queensboro Bridge.

The views of Manhattan across the East River are breathtakingly beautiful and what’s best about this unique establishment is the superb service, highly trained staff and delicious food.

I felt so proud to offer the honorees who came in small groups a safe site and a way to celebrate while remaining socially distant. 

Remarkably, our virtual event drew more than 500 viewers!

Networking is the lifeblood of a business, as it helps keep old clients while looking to find new ones. That’s what my team accomplished at the Ravel, and we did it all in the crazy COVID-19 world we live in!

So tune in and experience the joy the women felt at our ultimate networking event by visiting www.schnepsmedia.com/events/.



By Robert A. Scott

President Emeritus, Adelphi University

I am a patriot

who loves my nation and

the ideals on which it stands;


I am an American

who believes that my country

has grown and developed through

successive waves of immigrants who

subscribe to our common values;


I am a citizen

who strives to ensure

the continued vitality of the Bill of Rights

and the Constitution;


I am a veteran, and the son of a veteran,

who knows that heroic figures are those who

sacrifice for the common good;


I am a student of history and politics

who knows the value of diplomacy

and the role of the military in ensuring our

nation’s security;


I am an educator

who teaches critical thinking

and independence of thought;


I am a leader

who believes that, in all things, 

truth matters, integrity counts;


I am a father and grandfather

who wants my family, and your family,

and everyone’s family, to enjoy 

the fruits of democracy, the responsibilities

of freedom, and the privileges of citizenship;


I am an advocate of informed

and civil debate, and abhor how 

divisive politics has become;


I am a religious person  

who believes in tolerance

and knows that you can

be right without my

being wrong;


I am a friend of one 

whose son gave the ultimate 

sacrifice in Fallujah not long ago;


I am a mourner 

who grieves for all those

who died for our country, whether from 

“Red” states or from “Blue” states.


I am a father, a friend, a professional, a citizen.


I am “everyman.”


I am your neighbor.


And, in the end, we are one.


Robert A. Scott was president of Adelphi University from 2000-2015 and now serves as President Emeritus and University Professor Emeritus. He served in the U.S. Naval Security Group and earned a PhD from Cornell University.

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