E-waste recycling event coming to Rosemary’s Playground in Ridgewood

03_20_21_ Ridgewood
Flyer of e-waste recycle event in Rosemary’s Playground. (Courtesy of Sen. Joseph Addabbo’s Office)

A free electronic waste recycling event is coming to Rosemary’s Playground, located along Fairview Avenue between Woodbine and Madison streets in Ridgewood, on Saturday, March 20.

The event will be hosted by state Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. in partnership with Councilman Robert Holden, the Lower East Side Ecology Center and Friends of Rosemary’s Playground.

On March 20, representatives from the Lower East Side Ecology Center will be at Rosemary’s Playground from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. collecting community members’ e-waste in order to properly recycle the devices.

Acceptable electronic include all working and non-working computers, monitors, printers/scanners, keyboards, mice, cables, TVs, VCRs and DVD players, phones, audio and visual equipment, cellphones and personal digital assistants (or PDAs).

“These recycling events are some of the most popular events that we host because it gives the people within our districts a central location right in their own community to properly dispose of their unwanted or broken electronics without facing a fine for putting them with their normal garbage,” Addabbo said. “I would like to thank Bob Holden for joining me, the staff at the Lower East Side Ecology Center and the Friends of Rosemary’s Playground for helping to make this event possible. I encourage everyone to come out to Rosemary’s Playground to recycle their electronic waste.”

For more information about the event, individuals may call Senator Addabbo’s office at 718-738-1111.

Flyer of e-waste recycle event in Rosemary’s Playground. (Courtesy of Addabbo’s Office)