Queens assemblywoman to host virtual workshop tonight on free to low-cost health insurance

NYC Care workshop
Photo courtesy of NYC Care
Provided by NYC Care

Queens Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas will partake in a virtual information session Thursday night, May 27, to promote the NYC Care program. The city-subsidized program has provided free to low-cost health care for eligible New Yorkers since 2019 regardless of immigration status or ability to pay. 

Andres Aguirre, an NYC Care specialist, said that González-Rojas will be speaking to the importance of this program in her district, which encompasses Corona, East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights and Woodside.

“We see a very large number of folks who are in need of this program,” said Aguirre. “This program can be very impactful in her own community. Allowing marginalized communities to finally get coverage is very important.”

NYC Care is open to people who do not qualify for any health insurance plan in New York state or cannot afford health insurance. Members also must have lived in New York City for six months. 

There are no membership fees or monthly premiums with this program, and service prices are based on family size and income. 

Members can get care at any NYC Health + Hospitals patient care location in the five boroughs, including 11 hospitals and dozens of health centers in communities around New York City. 

More than 50,000 people have enrolled in the program since its inception in 2019. 

“After years of not having stable medical coverage, [clients] are finally able to go to the doctor and address concerns without having to deal with the immense burden of being uninsured,” said Aguirre. “The reason why this [program] is so important now is because this is a way for people to navigate the global pandemic without financial ruin.”

With NYC Care, members can choose their primary care provider, access low-cost prescriptions, mental health support and more

The session will be held over Zoom tonight at 6 p.m. for both English and Spanish speakers. 

Aguirre will lead the info session, providing background of the program and the steps to apply. Those eligible and who wish to apply can call 1-646-NYC-CARE (1-646-692-2273) or visit one of the many community-based organizations around New York City. 

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