Ridgewood Savings Bank welcomes new chief banking officer

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Mark Sanchioni is the new chief banking officer of Ridgewood Savings Bank. (Photo courtesy of Ridgewood Savings Bank)

Ridgewood Savings Bank recently appointed Mark Sanchioni as its new chief banking officer, overseeing digital banking, branch operations and many other departments within the company. 

Sanchioni previously served as the head of consumer banking operations and administration at Atlantic Union Bank in Richmond, Virginia. He also worked for the Hartford-based United Bank and spent 19 years at Webster Bank in senior executive roles. 

Leonard Stekol, president and CEO of Ridgewood Savings Bank, said he is happy to welcome Sanchioni to the team. 

“His experience in banking and operations, and his desire to deliver exceptional customer service, reflect our business model, which is to ensure excellence on every level,” Stekol said. 

Sanchioni said he wanted to come to Ridgewood because of the bank’s long history of charitable work in the community. 

“That’s a philosophy that’s near and dear to my heart,” Sanchioni said.  

He also noted Ridgewood’s Forbes ranking as the “No. 1 Bank in New York.”

“Ridgewood Savings Bank takes that honor very seriously and works hard to re-earn it every day,” Sanchioni observed.

Ridgewood Savings Bank was founded in 1921 and serves as the largest savings bank in New York state, with $6 billion in assets. Ridgewood has 35 branches across New York City as well as Yonkers, Westchester and Long Island.

The bank has donated over $29 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans for local businesses, helping to protect almost 5,000 jobs last year. They also sponsor local events as well as teach financial literacy all over the city.

Sanchioni said he is excited to start his new job with the Ridgewood Savings Bank and laid out his goals for the company. 

“Our goal is to help customers gain better access to their accounts via various digital platforms that offer ever-increasing functionality, as well as through our traditional branch network that customers enjoy and frequent in their local communities,” Sanchioni said. “One of our top priorities is to help anyone considering banking with us to better appreciate that Ridgewood delivers nearly all of the products and services of any larger commercial bank without sacrificing the truly personal connection.”

The position was previously held by Carlos R. Sanchez, who is retiring in February of 2022 after 40 years in the banking industry. Sanchez started with Ridgewood Savings Bank in 2016. 

Stekol thanked Sanchez for his service to the company. 

“Carlos has played an important role in delivering a positive banking experience to our customers, which is why they continue to rank us at the highest level,” Stekol said. “We wish him and his family many happy and healthy years ahead.”