South Jamaica hip-hop artist releases second album to inspire and uplift youth in the community

Roberto Torres’ second album, “Observaciones de mi Vida Vol. 2,” reflects on the artist’s past experience in his life. (Photo courtesy of Torres)

South Jamaica hip-hop artist and author Roberto Torres, also known as Sabor Latino, released his second album, “Observaciones de mi Vida Vol. 2,” in October. The album sends a message of inspiration and motivation to the youth. 

Torres’ latest album consists of four songs: “Victoria (Victory),” “What happened to you (Que Te Paso),” “Hope (Esperanza)” and “Almost Passed Away (Casi Me Muero).”

In 2013, he released his first album, “Observaciones de mi Vida Vol. 1,” which was the prequel of his latest album. It’s available on Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify. 

Roberto Torres, also known as Sabor Latino, records a song in the studio. (Photo courtesy of Torres)

“It feels good having my second album out. It is a testament that if you work hard in life, you can accomplish your dreams. Anything in life is possible,” Torres said. 

Torres first became interested in writing music at the age of 11, and his teachers were always impressed by his work. In 2012, he decided to make a career of his writing and started to record hip-hop music. 

In his new album, Torres’ inspirational messages reflect on recent experiences the artist went through in his life, such as growing up in a low-income household. Not having enough is what motivated him to become someone that people can look up to while supporting the Latino community. 

“There has to be a balance. When there is too much negativity, a lot of kids will lean towards the negativity, because there is more of that. But when you have balance with positive hip-hop albums, that kind of balances things out. That’s where I come in,” Torres said. 

Torres says he believes in being an advocate for positive Spanish hip-hop music that, along with all the general street Spanish hip-hop. He feels there has to be someone that gives a more encouraging take. 

“Whenever I see that hip-hop is going too much towards the negative direction, I gotta put out another project, I feel like I’m responsible for the Latino community. I respect what everybody else does; everybody has their lane and style. But you gotta have positive hip-hop,” Torres said. 

According to Torres, who is a deputy director of the Beacon Preventive Program at J.H.S. 008 Richard S. Grossley/Roy Wilkins Park Family Center in South Jamaica, his role served a significant influence in his art, songs and books by observing the families he has worked with. 

Torres believes that he needs to continue to publish positive music and books to help the youth and individuals who have lost inspiration in life.

In recent weeks, Torres has completed his education in alcohol and substance abuse counseling. He is now a trainee helping individuals struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. 

Torres says he plans to release more of his influential art in the coming future. 

He is currently working on publishing his fifth book titled “You Are a Beautiful and Special Person No Matter What” in 2022. The book will talk about different interventions in life and how to overcome difficult situations, as well as the affirmation that no matter the outcome, one is still a beautiful and special person.