Owners of Bayside restaurant praised for standing up to anti-Asian harassment

Bayside bravery
Photo courtesy of Asian American Voters Alliance

Community Affairs Officers from the 111th Precinct in Bayside joined Asian American Voters Alliance President Terence Park at a pop-up event at 48th Avenue and Bell Boulevard on May 6 to share information with residents about a recent uptick in crime in the area.

They also paid a visit to Amy’s Chinese Restaurant at 47-46 Bell Blvd., where more than a dozen Bayside High School students allegedly harassed customers in the restaurant on April 26, according to Park. He said when the owner tried to stop the mob, the owner was pushed to the ground and injured.

When the group ran out of Amy’s and got on a bus, the owner’s wife rushed out and stood in front of the bus and asked the driver to close the door so the students couldn’t get off the bus, according to Park.

Police from the 111th Precinct arrived and took the perpetrators into custody while EMS treated the owner for his injuries, Park said.

Police Officer Avela discusses the recent uptick in criminal activity in the area with a Bayside resident. (Courtesy of NYPD)

Park praised the small business owners for their “courage and bravery,” and called on members of the community to “stand up against any Asian hate crimes to protect the community.”

He added that his organization would present the owners with a “bravery award” in the near future.