Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning announces six artist fellows for ARTWorks program

ARTWorks at JCAL
Six fellow artists were selected to participate in the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning ARTSWork program. (Photo courtesy of JCAL)

Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) on July 12 announced six artists that were chosen for its 10-month Artist Residency and Training Seminar Series, also known as ARTWorks, that focuses on emerging, underrepresented artists in New York City. 

“The relaunch of ARTWorks is a major moment for JCAL,” JCAL Artistic Director Courtney Ffrench said. “And this newest cohort, with their powerful emphasis on art that is rooted in social practice and justice, is truly an inspiration to us all. We see this moment as the start of a wonderful relationship with six incredible, emerging artists.”

The six artists were chosen by a jury for the 2022 cohort, which met for the first time in June. 

Over the course of the program, two resident fellows — Reginald Rousseau and Jardley Jean-Louis — will receive $7,500, 100 hours of free use of JCAL’s studios and galleries, participation in curated seminars and an invitation to curate and produce a monthlong exhibition in JCAL’s Miller Gallery in spring 2023.

Additionally, four seminar fellows — Shanice Figeroux, Daphne Busby, Dinsdale Jackson and Kyung Eun You — will receive $1,000, up to 40 hours of free use of the JCAL’s studios and galleries, seminar participation, and an invitation to join a monthlong group exhibition in JCAL’s Community Gallery in spring 2023.

ARTWorks fellows receive practical knowledge to navigate the aesthetic and socioeconomic complexities and substructures of the New York art world. Through fiscal and technical support, fellows develop a creative vision and practice, expand their professional network through regular meetings and exploring diverse topics and exhibit their work.

Lisa Wade, a distinguished artist-photographer based in southeast Queens and a longtime member of the Southeast Queens Artist Alliance, is the project manager for ARTWorks.

ARTWorks at JCAL
Southeast Queens artist and photographer Lisa Wade (Photo courtesy of JCAL)

“Being project manager for JCAL’s ARTWorks 2022 is exhilarating! We have so much art talent in southeast Queens and I am grateful that JCAL tasks itself with providing resources for emerging artists,” Wade said. “ARTWorks 2022 is sure to be brilliant based on the works of the six talented artists. It is my joy to provide access to leaders in the field of art curation, the business of art, field trips and opportunities to share knowledge and self-promote.”

An intuitive visual artist, Wade employs photography, abstract painting, mixed media, clay, assemblage and collage in her works. 

She has had solo and group exhibitions in Queens, the Bronx and Elmont, since her work represents the confluence of intuition with the material. She approaches her creations in service to her guides and allows the art to manifest. 

Highly influenced by the works of Betye Saar, Wade is a self-taught artist using mentors and workshops and classes to propel her work. She has also curated photography exhibitions, co-written grants and worked on local art committees to produce exhibitions. 

She currently serves as a historian for historic Addisleigh Park, archiving and creating tours and events to engage her community. She serves on the Advisory Council for the Building Equity for BIPOC Artists Initiative at JCAL, along with her appointment as project manager for ARTWorks.