Queens-based jazz duo debut new concert series in Forest Hills

Forest Hills jazz duo
Jazz musicians Kelly Green (piano/voice) and Luca Soul Rosenfeld (bass) of Green Soul. (Photo courtesy of Green Soul)

Queens-based jazz duo Green Soul will be debuting their new concert series from their artsy home studio in Forest Hills, starting Aug. 14.

When life got tough during the pandemic, struggling jazz musicians Kelly Green (piano/voice) and Luca Soul Rosenfeld (bass), got even tougher.

Last year, the husband-and-wife duo, who call themselves Green Soul, converted the living room of their Forest Hills digs into an intimate music studio, complete with soundproofing, and started inviting music-loving locals to their uplifting jazz recitals at Green Soul Studios. 

Since QNS interviewed the couple a year ago, they’re still recording and producing private concerts in their living room while working on their newest project for 2022.

On Aug. 14, Green Soul Studios will be presenting “Kelly Green and the Shades,” featuring Dierk Peters (vibraphone) and Kenny Wollesen (drums). This band will also perform on 8/31 in Manhattan, at Mezzrow, on W. 10th Street in the West Village. 

The rest of Green Soul’s new series consists of piano/voice and bass plus one featured horn player:

“Performing live is a conversation between the musicians on stage, as well as the audience. It is an exchange of stories, our humanity. And it is so special because it is a transfer of spirit and energy, in real-time,” Green said. “People show up to Green Soul Studios with the intent to listen to live music. This is not always the case with other live music venues and clubs because of the intertwined relationship with the restaurant/bar industry.”

Audience in action at Green Soul Studios. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Green)

Along with their own original compositions, Green Soul performs jazz standards, arrangements from the Great American Songbook, classical pieces, as well as improvisations.

The jazzy duo has played in many venues in New York City and abroad over the years, performing alongside world-class musicians in different instrumentations. They’ve performed as a duo, and as a trio with drums, in clubs and restaurants across Manhattan, as well as locally, and both teach lessons out of their home studio.

Green Soul @ Polytechno in Corfu, Greece. (Photo courtesy of Green Soul)


The couple met each of their guest performers in different ways.

“Some, we’ve played and worked with in the past, while others were former professors, and we’ve met some along the way by being engaged in the NYC jazz scene,” Green said. “At each performance, we will describe our relationship to each artist in depth.” 

Aside from the great music, the studio, which is sonically and visually beautiful, boasts an eye-catching art exhibition featuring the “Float Series” paintings by artist Hilary Mance.

Attendees enter through a curtain sliding barn door opening to the performance space, where a beautiful 1970 Steinway Baby Grand L piano is prominently featured.

Both DIY creatives agreed that the main challenge they’ve been facing with their concert series is getting the word out. They’re hoping that music lovers who are interested in what Green Soul is offering will be signing up for their mailing list and telling their friends about Green Soul Studios while attending their events as often as they can.

“Performing brings everyone involved into the present moment like nothing else. We live in a time when presence is dwindling. People are over-involved with their technology. With live performing arts, we hope to help people achieve a state of peace and spiritual connection to the other people in the room,” Green said.

Looking to the future, Green Soul plans to continue to bring music, art, and culture to their local community. “We aspire to have Green Soul Studios on the map for eager music fans (jazz, classical, folk, etc.) and all those people who need consistent art and human connection in their lives. We’re also hoping to sell out every show we produce here,” Rosenfeld added.

“The great part about producing concerts in our home, is that we have total creative freedom and autonomy. We have our own instruments, in which we feel most comfortable with, rather than whatever piano might be at another club. And, we have an opportunity to present our music in a focused listening room, without any pretense or distraction.”

Light refreshments are served (incl. house wine or BYOB). There is a $40 suggested donation ($20 student rate) via cash, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle. You can reserve a seat by emailing [email protected].