P.S. 91Q in Glendale to present production of ‘Frozen Kids’ in June

Courtesy of PS91Q Theatre Department

The theater department at P.S. 91Q in Glendale, in partnership with Disney Musical In Schools (DMIS), will be presenting a production of Disney’s “Frozen Kids” in June.

According to Alane Caridi, a teacher at P.S.91Q, the production will feature sixth-grade students.

The school received a grant in 2020 from the DMIS program, which allocates funds to put on different Disney plays for under-resourced schools.

According to Caridi, the school intended to launch the production in 2020, but plans were stalled due to the pandemic.

“We applied to be a part of this program, and we were selected in 2020, but unfortunately, due to COVID, we were shut down, and everything was put on hold until now,” Caridi said.

(Courtesy of P.S.91Q)

Anthony Scavone, another teacher involved in the production, said students were thrilled to be a part of “Frozen Kids.”

“The kids were very, very excited,”  Scavone said. “I think that the school community will be pleased to see it.”

(Courtesy of P.S.91Q)

Residents looking to experience the magic on stage can do so when it launches in June.

P.S. 91Q is located at 68-10 Central Ave. in Glendale.