Councilman Gennaro partners with organization for cleanup initiative throughout District 24

ACE’s first graffiti removal in District 24 at the Chinese restaurant Panda Garden, located at the intersection of Union Turnpike and 147th Street.
(Courtesy of ACE)

As part of his ongoing efforts to boost the quality of life in his district, Councilman James Gennaro collaborated with the Association of Community Employment Programs (ACE) for its first graffiti removal project at the Chinese restaurant Panda Garden, located at the intersection of Union Turnpike and 147th Street in Kew Gardens Hills on July 31. 

The $185,000 initiative funded by Gennaro will regularly target graffiti and trash-prone areas in District 24. Gennaro said he is thrilled to partner with ACE to offer much-needed cleanup services in his district. 

“I am confident that this partnership will make a visible difference in our communities. I remain committed to making this district the cleanest it has ever been, and encourage my constituents to contact my office with any litter or graffiti removal requests,” Gennaro said. 

ACE works alongside New Yorkers who have histories of homelessness, incarceration and addiction to provide job training, work experience and a lifetime support network that helps participants achieve their goals and establish economic independence. Since 1992, the organization has helped over 3,000 New Yorkers overcome homelessness, incarceration and addiction to find full-time jobs and start new lives.

“ACE is thrilled to work with Council member Gennaro to help keep District 24 clean and beautiful through the NYC Cleanup Initiative. Through this initiative, Council member Gennaro is doing more than just keeping District 24 clean – he is helping ACE offer training and employment opportunities to hard working New Yorkers who have overcome barriers like homelessness and chronic unemployment,” said ACE Executive Director James Martin.

Constituents are encouraged to contact the councilman’s office by phone at 718-217-4969, or by email at District24@council.nyc.gov, with any litter and graffiti removal requests. An address must be provided with any request. A photo is strongly preferred as well, if possible.