Woodhaven Street Fair transforms Jamaica Avenue to bustling multicultural delight

The Woodhaven Business Improvement District’s annual street fair welcomed hundreds of local businesses and vendors to Jamaica Avenue on Sunday, Oct. 8.
Photo by Anthony Medina

Once again, the Woodhaven Business Improvement District transformed Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven into an all-inclusive multicultural epicenter in its annual street fair on Sunday, Oct. 8.

Stretching along Jamaica Avenue, from 80th Street to Woodhaven Boulevard, this bustling street fair featured hundreds of food vendors, restaurants and local businesses, delighting Queens residents with a variety of choices.

Food vendors and local restaurants offered a wide range of options to fairgoers at the Woodhaven Street Fair. Photo by Anthony Medina

From savory kebabs to delectable pupusas and mouthwatering tacos, the avenue’s eateries set up shop right outside their doors, allowing fairgoers to savor their favorite local dishes while immersing themselves in the festivities. Most of the buzz for the day, with lines stretching down for blocks, were the classic fried food vendors selling funnel cakes, deep-fried Oreos, and more fried delicacies.

Jewelry, clothing items, and accessories were up for grabs from the hundreds of vendors at the Woodhaven Street Fair. Photo by Anthony Medina

Besides the large array of food options, merchants selling a variety of clothing, jewelry, home decor and handmade crafts engulfed the street fair with a mixture of items for sale. Many residents were seen walking around with Bamboo pillows, sold at a discount, and brightly colored ponchos, but there were plenty of other unique items catching the attention of locals.

In celebrating the rich South American, Hispanic, and Latino cultures encompassing Jamaica Avenue, vendors enticed fairgoers with their vibrant decor and apparel for sale. Photo by Anthony Medina

John Perricone, the executive director of the Woodhaven BID called this year’s street fair a success.

“We received some feedback from the business owners on the day of the fair, who told us that they were happy that they participated. They felt that there was a diversity of vendors that cater to a lot of needs of the community,” said Perricone. “They saw a really significant crowd of people that were coming through, and they’re looking forward to continuing this for next year.”

A variety of food culture on full display along Jamaica Avenue during the Woodhaven Street Fair on Sunday. Photo by Anthony Medina
Inflatable bounce houses took their place along Jamaica Avenue, with a strong clientele of parents with their children. Photo by Anthony Medina
One lone modified Jeep and the operator serves cotton candy to hundreds of fairgoers. Photo by Anthony Medina
One of the only greenery-focused vendors at this year’s fair is run and operated as a mom-and-pop company, specializing in bamboo and other house plants. Photo by Anthony Medina
All natural and freshly squeezed juice from the hands of local vendors to those looking to indulge on a organic cultural beverage. Photo by Anthony Medina
In front of 90-01 Jamaica Ave, live music brought dance and celebration to the street fair within the last few hours remaining. Photo by Anthony Medina