NYPD 102nd Precinct battles concerning uptick in violent robberies

Commanding Officer of the 102nd Precinct updates residents at community council meeting last week.
Photo by Anthony Medina

A concerning spike in robberies in the NYPD 102nd Precinct, serving Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, and Ozone Park, has officers taking decisive action to rid violent offenders from city streets. 

Deputy Inspector Jeremy Kivlin, commanding officer of the 102nd precinct, addressed the jump in robberies at the precinct’s community council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6, and emphasized that it has been a particular problem within the Ozone Park area. 

Kivlin says the robberies are happening to residents while on the streets in what’s referred to as a strong-armed robbery, where criminals are using force or threatening the use of a weapon. 

“It’s very concerning to me because robberies are a very violent crime, but we’re not really seeing it all over the 102 precincts. Where we’re seeing it mostly is northern Ozone Park, parts of south Woodhaven,” Kevlin said.  

Recent NYPD Crime Statistics confirm robberies have increased across the precinct so far this year. For the year through Feb 4, the number of robberies jumped nearly 80% compared to the same period last year. There were 16 robberies for the year through Feb. 4, compared to nine last year. 

Robberies also remain a concern for the NYPD citywide.  The crime category increased 5.3% in January, with there being 67 more robberies for the month in 2024, compared to January 2023.  

Although troubled by the number of robberies, Kivlin says work being done with other precincts has led to arrests. 

Kivlin also shared how working cooperatively with the 106th precinct, serving the neighborhoods of Ozone Park, Lindenwood, and Howard Beach, allows for targeted patrols to discourage and capture criminals committing violent crimes. 

More efforts from the precinct to maintain the safety of Queens residents are exemplified through the work of NYPD Sgt. Zaun-Alequin, awarded cop of the month for February, Kivlin emphasized. 

102nd Precinct Community Council members stands with Deputy Inspector Jeremy Kivlin to give Sgt. Zaun-Alequin the cop of the month award, alongside her family members. Photo by Anthony Medina

Kivlin awarded the cop of the month award to Zaun-Alequin for her quick action to thwart a burglary in progress and capture the suspect at the scene of the crime. He said her work exemplified how officers go above and beyond to serve and protect the community. 

Despite ongoing challenges, some crime categories are down in the 102nd precinct, including grand larceny auto incidents — a particular long-term challenge for the NYPD. 

Grand Larceny Auto incidents are down significantly in the precinct this year, with 13 cases reported for the year through Feb. 4, compared to 33 for the same period last year. 

Burglaries have also dipped, with seven incidents reported for the year through Feb. 4, compared to 14 for the same period last year. Transit-related crimes have dropped from three to one.

Furthermore, attendees at the meeting expressed concerns stemming from the two police officers who were attacked outside a migrant shelter in Manhattan. Some questioned whether the migrant population is being given a free pass from being prosecuted by the law. 

Kivlin assured the group that no one is exempt from the law.