Bridging sustainability and affordability: A closer look at Schneps Media’s upcoming Energy Conference

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As the need for sustainable living and clean energy becomes critical, Schneps Media is leading the way with an event dedicated to unraveling the complexities of developing clean energy at affordable levels.

The conference is scheduled for April 10, at the Bulova Center Auditorium, located at 75-20 Astoria Blvd. South in East Elmhurst, starting at 8 a.m.

An impressive roster of speakers and panelists, including industry leaders, government officials, and development experts, all focused on driving forward the conversation on clean energy, will be participating. They include:

Ralph Cleveland, an Executive Consultant renowned for his strategic insights into energy and infrastructure and serving as the President and CEO of the American Association of Blacks in Energy.
Donna Drummond, the Chief Expense Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at Northwell Health, a leader in marrying operational efficiency with sustainability initiatives.
Will Hazelip, President of National Grid Ventures, US Northeast, known for his innovative approaches to energy development.
Aron Kurlander, the Director of Economic Development & Chief Lending Officer at Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, a key player in regional economic development.
Henry Wan, President/CEO of Wan Group, bringing a global perspective on clean energy and sustainable development.
Jelani (“Jay”) Williams, General Manager at Rochdale Village, Inc., who offers practical insights into managing large-scale residential communities with a focus on sustainability.
Thomas Grech, President & CEO of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, bringing a local business perspective to the conversation.

Bryan Grimaldi, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at National Grid New York, said the event will highlight the importance of a comprehensive approach to New York’s energy future.

“As New York continues to execute Climate policy to achieve the goals of the climate law and realize a more sustainable energy future, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in front of us,” Grimaldi said. “Utilities play a key role in financing our energy systems and delivering safe, reliable, and affordable energy to millions of customers in New York. The challenge of decarbonizing heat, particularly in densely populated, urban environments will require us to come together to find comprehensive solutions that are affordable while achieving our emissions reductions goals.”

Grimaldi’s statement underscores the crucial role of utilities in the transition toward a sustainable energy future and the need for collective efforts to address the complexities of decarbonization, particularly in urban settings.

The event will feature two panels focused on the twin pillars of the clean energy future: Investment and Innovation; and Affordability & Attainability. These discussions aim to tackle the foremost challenges and opportunities in making clean energy a practical reality for all, especially within the framework of Local Law 97, which represents a significant step forward in New York’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from the speakers about the paths to harnessing investment, fostering innovation, and ensuring the attainability of clean energy solutions. The event is designed not just to inform but to inspire action, encouraging participants to engage with the material and apply what they learn within their communities and industries.

This event is made possible through the sponsorship of Schneps Media, National Grid, and The Queens Chamber of Commerce, reflecting a strong community and industry commitment to advancing the clean energy conversation.

Joshua Schneps, CEO and Publisher of Schneps Media, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to partner with National Grid to network the energy industry leaders and inform the community on the investments being made and technology created to create a cleaner, greener future.”

Admission to the event is $10, covering reservation and a light breakfast.

To learn more and reserve your spot visit nyenergyconference.com.