Our club may be best described as a social group with a serious interest – its investment portfolio. Each member owns an equal share of this portfolio and an equal say on the purchase or sale of its stocks.
Every member has an equal right to propose the sale or purchase of a specific investment. Such proposals need to be supported by meaningful research or originating from reliable sources. A majority vote of members present authorizes a sale or purchase.
To maintain a continued source of investment funds, every six months each member adds $200 for this purpose. This automatically increases the value of the portfolio. The value of each member’s interest is calculated by dividing the total value of the portfolio by the number of members. Our charter currently allows for 35 members, a number we are rapidly approaching.
The purpose of this club is to teach our members to be more knowledgeable and successful investors. We accomplish this by researching stocks and learning to evaluate their potential within their industry group as affected by the national and world economy. This education is of course beneficial to our personal portfolios outside the club.
A feature of each meeting is a presentation by our professional advisor on some specific aspect of investing. Meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of the month.
The club is a member of the National Association of Investment Clubs.
For information, or if you wish to attend a meeting, call Marianne Levensteim (Co-President) at 718-423-4975 or Herbert Cooper (Co-President) at 718-631-8264.


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