Ed Veselw
Ed Vesel

Every year around this time, as friends and family gather for the holiday season, we are reminded of the things that make us truly blessed. There is a sense of goodness towards mankind that sweeps through the air, a feeling that many residents of North Shore Towers keep throughout the year. In honor of the ‘season of giving,’ The North Shore Towers Courier takes a look at a couple of residents who are dedicated to giving back.

Ed Vesel

Ed Vesel and his wife Sonia have been residents of North Shore Towers for the past 32 years. During his time there, he has been an active member of many groups around the community, including the North Shore Towers Country Club Committee and the Grievance Committee.

“I got involved because there were things going on in those areas that needed attention,” said Vesel.

For the last 10 years, Vesel has been the president of the Towers Men’s Golf Association at North Shore Towers. His responsibilities include presiding over board meetings, arranging golf activities and tournaments and dealing with grievances that arise among players. Along with 15 other dedicated members of the association, Vesel makes sure that all golfing activities run smoothly around the facility.

“Without my members of the board, I couldn’t do anything,” said Vesel.

Vesel has been playing golf for the past 65 years. Although he declined to divulge his handicap, he admitted that his favorite player is Arnold Palmer, who he grew up watching.

While many people think that the golf facilities at North Shore Towers are just for fun, Vesel thinks they benefit the residency in a more important way.

“I’ve always believed that the North Shore Towers golf course is the crown jewel of the facility,” said Vesel. “It needs to be maintained in order to maintain the value of every owner’s shares.”

Before he retired, Vesel was an attorney for 55 years who dealt mainly in torts, negligence and personal injury cases. Vesel has two children, Beth and Paul. He has three gifted grandchildren: Liam, an honor student who hopes to be a future president or secretary of state, Lily who speaks five languages, and Luc, an accomplished pianist.

Vesel enjoys giving back to his community at North Shore Towers, and hopes that others will follow his lead.

“I like to see that things are run properly,” said Vesel. “I love this community and I want to see it run well.”

Lilly Cohen

Lilly Cohen has been a resident of North Shore Towers for the past nine years. She gives back to her community by being an active member of Hadassah, the largest women’s Zionist movement. Hadassah is a worldwide organization that works to help build the state of Israel through everything from education to fundraising.

“They inspire a community to pull together and really get something done,” Cohen said of Hadassah.

A fourth generation Hadassah member and the current vice president for communications of the North Shore Towers chapter, called Migdal, Cohen has been involved with the organization for more than 30 years. Her responsibilities include sending press releases to newspapers, putting out the group’s newsletter, fundraising and recruiting new members.

“Hadassah is not just about Zionism and Israel,” said Cohen. “It’s about fulfilling a bigger need.”

Cohen works with a group of dedicated women who provide North Shore Towers with activities such as a book club and current events seminars. They also have frequent meetings where prominent figures speak about everything from culture to politics. The current Hadassah president offers classes in Yiddish as well as Jewish history.

There are also a few male associates who have become active in Hadassah at North Shore Towers. Cohen hopes more men join in her efforts in the future.

Hadassah’s current efforts in Israel include building an expansion of a hospital.

“I love volunteering and building and helping things grow and that’s what we’re doing here,” said Cohen.


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