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Photo by Robert Stridiron
Photo by Robert Stridiron
A teenager was shot to death in Jamaica on Thursday night in the city's last reported homicide of 2015.

Updated Jan. 1, 11:37 a.m.

He didn’t live to see the new year.

A teenager was found fatally shot in the head on a Jamaica street late Thursday night in New York City’s final reported homicide of 2015.

Officers from the 103rd Precinct found 16-year-old Jihad Jackson of Edgewood Street in Rosedale gunned down at the corner of 109th Avenue and Merrick Boulevard at 11:30 p.m. Thursday. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

No arrests have been made, but an investigation is ongoing.

Editor’s note: An earlier version, based on information police released, erroneously identified Jackson as a Long Island City resident. We regret any confusion which may have resulted.


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joe January 01, 2016 / 01:48PM
Christmas, 4th of July, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, doesn’t matter in Jamaica, someone is going down hard. We just had 35 year old, Donald Reed, shot and killed a few hours after Christmas (a suspect Neon Osouna of South Jamaica was arrested), you certainly did not think New Years Eve in Jamaica would be a quiet one where the residents act civilized and no one gets shot or dies. HELL NO, a few hours before the ball dropped, a man’s balls dropped as he was shot in the head and killed at 109th Ave & Merrick Blvd (a horrible area, ironically right near the Rev Flake’s Greater AME Church). So has this just become the norm in Jamaica and communities of color, is this just, “Oh, s**t happens”. In the meantime, our Mayor wants to dump more homeless shelters into an area that is already filled with homeless shelters, the major garbage problem is still completely out of control, nobody seems to really give that much of a s**t, leaders like Flake are making mega bucks while the community continues it’s downward spiral and our local elected officials, if they are not doing something shady, are not focusing on major problems and coming up with action plans and instead posing in front of a camera for a post office opening or a street naming ceremony. Maybe we can call one of the streets in South Jamaica as Murderer’s Row or Blood Red. In the meantime Queens Borough President Melinda Katz is yapping about the greatness of Jamaica (Uh, tell me exactly where that greatness is located), but it being totally blind to the major problems in the area and NOT addressing them, just painting a false pretty picture about the area, because she is a political whore. So Happy Bloody New Year. I am sure 2016 will see more garbage, another beauty supply store open on the Ave, a few elected officials being arrested and the streets will run red with blood. Just business as usual in the ghetto hood of Jamaica.

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