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Friday, June 17, marks the opening of the Jamaica Farmers’ Market 42nd season.

The Jamaica Farmer’s Market is the longest-running market in New York City. The market will take place every Friday and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The market will be located on Parsons Boulevard between Archer and Jamaica avenues every Friday. On Saturdays, the market will be located on 160th Street. The season of will end in November.

Vendors for the Friday market include Alex’s Tomato Farm from Sprakers, NY, which sells plants, flowers, eggs, dairy, honey, fruits and vegetables. Meredith’s Country Bakery from Kingston, NY, offers specialty foods as well as baked goods. Migliorelli Farm from Tivoli, NY, will sell fruits, vegetables, beverages and specialty foods.

On Saturday, the shoppers can look forward to fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers from Gajeski Produce based in Riverhead, NY.

The market is being funded by Down to Earth Market and The Greater Jamaica Development Corporation. The Greater Jamaica Development Corporation is an organization dedicated to revitalizing the Jamaica region by expanding economic opportunity for the residents of Jamaica. The Down to Earth Market is devoted to creating economic opportunity for local farmers while raising awareness for the environment and local food economy.



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joe June 18, 2016 / 06:56AM
I was not aware that the Jamaica Farmer's Market was the longest running in NYC, but then I am sure many did not since Jamaica rarely publicizes the actual good things instead focusing on the make believe crap that the powers that be tell you. I went by the market yesterday as I was heading to do the WPIX story on Dynamic Collision Junkyard Street (147 Pl between Archer & Jamaica Ave, which our elected officials should do a street naming ceremony) and the conditions of the intersection if not only plain awful but dangerous to walks, especially if you are elderly or have a disability. Of course barely any crosswalk markings (a given here in Jamaica) on one of the busiest intersections and the conditions of an uneven surface, potholes, cracks and other shit are just plain awful. And of course that is just one of many fucked up intersections and streets & roads. Want to bet Forest Hills streets and roads don't look like this. By the way, I always take out the advertisements that some of these rags have in all their articles, but had to leave the one in "King & Queens No Fee Rentals" (Queens Hottest Neighborhoods). Click on it, several Queens neighborhoods, BUT no Jamaica. Hey I thought we were predicted to be the hottest number one neighborhood for 2016 by the whore real estate industry ( ke-off-prices-will-cool-in-2016-streeteasy/). WHAT happened.

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