BOSCO’s CORNER: Time PSAL goes back to all-Queens slate

By Anthony Bosco

I have scratched my head in bewilderment long enough this season, asking aloud and wondering to myself why in the world the Public School Athletic League passed on the opportunity last year to give Queens football teams an all-league schedule.

And, much to chagrin, with the season more than half over, I still have not found out why.

I have spoken to numerous coaches and other media types about it and no one seems to know exactly why the decision was made to make-up citywide schedules for teams instead of sticking strictly to an all-Queens slate.

Instead of match-up that have a profound local interest, like Bayside-Flushing, Bayside plays numerous out of borough games against the likes of Tottenville, Wagner and Port Richmond.

Right now there 10 teams in Queens, August Martin Bayside, Beach Channel, Bryant, Campus Magnet, Far Rockaway, Flushing, John Adams, Long Island City and Springfield Gardens. Some, if not most, of these teams actually play a ninth game a week before the official start of the season that is solely pre-season and has no impact on the standings.

I think that the Queens teams should play and all-borough schedule, a nine-game season that would put every team in Queens against one another.

Some think this is a good idea, while others think it is important for the better Queens teams to play the best competition in the city, which, if you haven

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