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Editorial: Let the workers decide

By The TimesLedger

The Civil Service Employees Association Local 100 claims that management at Quality Services for the Autism Community, or QSAC, is blocking its effort to organize the QSAC workforce. And the union is angry that QSAC wanted to bring the union question to its workers for a vote. But the union argued that the vote might intimidate workers who may fear that they will lose their jobs if they vote to unionize, and it is demanding to sit down with QSAC officials to get the ground rules for a vote.

“All we are saying is these workers have a right to choose whether they're in a union or not, free of intimidation,” said a labor organizer.

QSAC counters that the union stands to gain $150,000 a year in dues by signing up the QSAC workforce. They also say that it is not true that QSAC refuses to pay overtime.

The unions have helped thousands of workers in New York City to earn a fair wage and reasonable working conditions. But the decision to unionize belongs entirely to the workers. The CSEA has been working to unionize QSAC for nearly half a year. By now they have had ample time to get their message out. The answer now is simple: let the workers have their say.

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