One Small Step

“The journey of a thousand leagues starts with a single step” - Tao
So often, we are told, “look at the big picture” or “think big.” It can be motivating and exciting but it can also be overwhelming; so overwhelming in fact that it can become an obstacle to your success.
This past week, I witnessed an extraordinary and BIG accomplishment being met. Clay Buchholz of the Boston Red Sox, a rookie only 23-years-old, pitched a no-hitter. This was only the fourth no-hitter thrown by a rookie in his first or second start in the history of baseball and the first no-no by a rookie in Red Sox history. That is BIG for sure.
Now if anyone told Clay Buchholz at the beginning of the game that his goal was to pitch a no-hitter he would have thought they were crazy. It would have been overwhelming and seemingly impossible since only a minuscule percentage of pitchers in the history of baseball have ever accomplished it. Do you think he would have succeeded? Nope.
He succeeded because he took one small step at a time. He focused intently on each batter, on each pitch. He made sure that he was clear about his goal for each pitch and then he put unwavering concentration on the small but important task at hand, the pitch.
By focusing on each small step, Clay Buchholz succeeded at accomplishing a BIG goal.
How do you handle the dreams and goals you have for yourself? Do you look at the big picture and stay there, stuck? Or do you envision the big picture and then focus on the small step?
Too many people get caught up in the big picture. Businesses are not started, careers are not launched, relationships do not flourish, marriages are not fixed and babies are not born. Why? Because you are caught in the overwhelming big picture.
How do you stop letting the big picture overwhelm you and start focusing on the small stuff? The following are five ways to get started taking small steps:
1. Envision your goal. See it as clear as day. Close your eyes and picture what your goal will look like. Get specific. What does it feels like? What does it smell like? What are you wearing?
2. Find the smallest step. Now that you have envisioned the big picture, start thinking small. What is the smallest first step you can take?
3. Set a timeframe to take the first step. Go and get started.
4. Take that small step with great enthusiasm. Go for it. You are on your way!
5. Hire a coach. It can be hard to do this on your own. A coach can help you to create a clear vision of your goal and then find the small step to get you started. A coach will also serve to help you set goals and to stick to them. Then as you continue the journey, a coach will help you uncover each small step, keep you focused and hold you to your commitment to your dreams.

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