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Country Club Committee Reports on Progress

During an open meeting held on Thursday, October 22, the Country Club Committee reported on the progress it has been making in various areas.

To start the meeting, Country Club Committee Chair Marty Mitchell discussed membership, saying that it “is in good shape.” He said there are a total of 1,781 members, and that general membership has increased while house membership has decreased. Mitchell also said that tennis membership needs to do better.

Mitchell said that golf membership has been good, noting that, although the program lost 25 residential golfers, it added 57 sponsored members.

“It’s allowed the Country Club to grow instead of decrease,” he said. “It’s allowed us to maintain the high quality of golf that we have here, and the Board has allowed us to increase the number of sponsored golf members up to 80.”

Mitchell said that the “vast majority” of last year’s sponsored members have expressed interest in returning, and said that four have bought apartments. He said that there have also already been 20 inquiries from new individuals for next year.

“I know the program was successful last year and it looks like it will be even more successful this year,” Mitchell said.

During the meeting, Mitchell also said that he was “pleased and proud” to announce that there would be no dues increase for resident Country Club members for next year. However, there will be increases for sponsored golf members. He said that costs have been held down while the same service has been maintained. He also said there will still be capital improvements made.

Mitchell announced that a “Meeting for Progress” will be held on Tuesday, November 10 at 7:30 p.m.

“I ask you to come with your ideas and your opinions as to how we can make this club a better place for you,” he said. “It’s not a place to come with your complaints; it’s a place to come with your solutions.”

Country Club Manager Mary Anne Langone recognized her staff, and said that the committee members have been “stepping up to the plate.”

Comptroller Robert Serikstad spoke about what he called “a favorable financial report.” He said that the operations are running approximately $128,000 better than the budget target, and the cash balances are $759,000, which is $147,000 better than last year.

Working committees that have been created by the Country Club Committee also gave updates during the meeting. Representing men’s golf, Norm Barrie said that this year more members participated in the Sunday tournaments. He also said that surveys have been sent to sponsored members and are being evaluated as they come in. The response has been “by and large very, very positive and we’re happy about that,” he said.

Roz Worobow, the President of the Ladies’ Golf Association, said that the first meeting of their Board was held on October 12 and that they are looking forward to more participation next season. She said that last year there were 16 new sponsored members who enjoyed playing and blended well. Worobow said she believes most will rejoin.

Tennis Association President John DiLavore said that officers were elected during an October 5 meeting, at which time a 2010 schedule of events was also created. He also spoke about increasing association membership.

Jim Quinn spoke about the working committee Long Range Planning & Capital Improvements. He said they are looking into putting a plan in place for the golf course that would address needed changes over time “using prudent dollars.” The committee is also looking at other physical and non-physical matters at the Country Club that need attention.

Laurel Barrie, who is heading the Welcoming Committee for New Members, said that she would like to see more faces and more involvement. She encouraged everyone to become a greater part of the community.

In regards to the Publicity/Communications Committee, Linda Rappaport said that they have been using the monthly calendar, in-house channel, North Shore Towers Courier, Tower Times and fliers to advertise upcoming events. In addition, the committee has started to advertise on the lobby televisions. Rappaport also said they are working on commercials for the in-house channel and upgrading their e-mail capacities.

Iris Lewinter spoke about the work of the Events Committee. She said they are changing the format for an upcoming holiday event to having “Oh What a Night,” which will be a show that pays tribute to Frankie Valle. A buffet with “exciting, innovative food” and dessert will accompany the show, which Lewinter said will be presented at a reasonable price.

The final working committee is the VIP Room/Food Committee.

“This is a new Country Club,” Mitchell said. “We’re going to be the best we can be and we’re going to look for your help.”


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