Afghanistan is ‘Obama’s War’

President Obama chose the United States Military Academy at West Point to deliver the most important speech of his presidency.
On campus, you almost feel the ghosts of its glorious history. Douglas MacArthur was once a plebe here, and it turns out America’s most brilliant warrior-strategist was also the ultimate Mama’s boy. His mother moved to an apartment near the Point to make sure young Douglas kept up with his studies.
Benedict Arnold’s treason was a hair-brained plot to turn the blueprints of West Point over to the British.
The Point graduated perhaps America’s greatest General, who would ultimately lead a rebellious army against the United States he once vowed to defend – Robert E. Lee.
Today it is the burden of history that falls on our Commander-in-Chief on his visit to the United States Military Academy – and Barack Obama chooses to listen to his Generals.
There are those Americans who remember recent history and Generals with names like Westmoreland. They say it is time to get out. The war in Afghanistan has now lasted more than twice as long as World War II. There, the exit strategy was clear: Defeat Germany and Japan. Save Democracy.
However, setting an exit strategy for a war on terror is not so simple.
Like Vietnam, we have no choice but to prop up a corrupt regime that does little to help us fight the enemy. Unlike Vietnam, there is little doubt that losing is not an option, and that the threat to our future is a clear and present danger.
The President says that ultimately the war must be turned over to Hamid Karzai and his thieving band of generals. In Southeast Asia, they called that “Vietnamization.”
This is a watershed moment for the Obama presidency. Critics on the right say he has been “bowing and genuflecting” on the world stage. Critics on the left feel he is ready to cave in to the generals.
President Obama faces dire threats to our national security on the world stage beyond Afghanistan. Iran seems to taunt the West, threatening to build ten nuclear power plants. Pakistan is one coup away from having the Taliban controlling the nation’s nuclear weapons.
Nevertheless, the war in Afghanistan is now “Obama’s war.” He clearly has inherited the mess it’s become. Vietnam destroyed Lyndon Johnson.
Afghanistan has devoured other nations. President Obama hopes the U.S. avoids a similar fate.
The cadets here at West Point have the greatest vested interest. The ones we met are ready to take on the world. But where in the world will they be in four years?
As we mentioned the ghosts of history seem to swirl about in West Point.
President Obama spoke here in Eisenhower Hall. On a plaque outside is Ike’s most famous quote: “The hand of the aggressor is stayed by strength and strength alone.”
Does Obama understand Ike’s message? His actions on Afghanistan seem to indicate he does. We will be watching. [email protected]

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