Readings by Christina offer psychic guidance

If you are going through a rough patch in your life and feel like you need some guidance, then go to a place where you will be given honest readings and not a sugarcoated novelty act.
A professional psychic reader for over 30 years, Christina of Readings by Christina began developing her abilities in her teens with the assistance of her grandmother, who helped her understand her talent.
Readings by Christina offers the full breadth of psychic services including tarot readings, astrology charts, palm readings and psychic readings. Christina aims to give people more hope and more understanding of what they are capable of achieving. She will guide you through situations, giving you the opportunity and knowledge to make the right decision.
For those who find themselves at a career crossroads, Christina can give you insight into the consequences of whichever action you are considering. She will illuminate both paths, leaving you to make the final call.
She also wants to help with relationship issues and health situations. Christina wants you to realize the options you have to make your own destiny. Think of her as your psychic advisor above all else.
Christina also offers her therapeutic counsel for those with unresolved issues in their past. Through a close examination of past regression, Christina helps the client move on from an abusive past through a spiritual and emotional approach. Christina believes that if the weight of the past is removed from the person, success can be more easily achieved.
Everyone has their own decisions to make and Christina knows this. That is why she is here to guide, not to convince, lie or to sugarcoat. Instead, she tells it like it is in a direct manner to those seeking answers. She works in a positive way to better enlighten her clients on their own personal road to self-discovery and understanding.
Pricing depends on the readings and can run any where from $25 to $75. There is no specific time limit for a reading, but they tend to run about 35 minutes to an hour.
Call Christina at 347-836-8471 for pricing, as well as current and upcoming special offers.
Readings by Christina is located at 46-32 Bell Boulevard in Bayside.
– Steve Mosco

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