StartUP! business plan winners

The Queens Economic Development Corporation (QEDC), in conjunction with the Citi Foundation and Queens Public Library, awarded a total of $24,000 to winners of its 4th Annual Queens StartUP! Business Plan Competition.

More than 175 entrepreneurs took part in the competition in an effort to learn more about business development and gain insight about starting and growing a business. A majority of the companies that were involved either made less than $10,000 in annual revenue prior to the competition, or were in their early phases of business.

“[The competition] is to help start their businesses,” said Seth Bornstein, Executive Director of QEDC On Thursday, July 8. “We give them intensive training, and we have a number of seminars over a five month period.”

The purpose of the seminars and training, added Bornstein, is to give these businesses a “comprehensive look at the world” and give them a “good knowledge of their field.”

The awards were given to the winners to help jumpstart their businesses. Queens Mamas, a Queens-based interactive website geared towards families, won the first-place prize of $12,000. Stir It Up!, a culinary organization that encourages children to develop a passion for cooking, won the second-place prize of $5,000. Beyond Tomorrow Day Care, Inc, a day care center, won the third-place prize of $3,000.

The following is a list of the startup businesses that placed as finalists in the competition:

Arguo Biotech is an instrument development company that focuses on designing, patenting and marketing biological contamination detection devices that will be used on internationally imported foods. Its flagship product, BactoVera™, is a small compact point of use (POU) instrument that analyzes biological contaminants such as bacteria and microorganisms.

Bella Inc. is a design and manufacturing business that focuses on unique, fashionable and chic products for the female activity market. Its goal is to establish itself as the one and only “Premium Fashion Skateboarding and Lifestyle Brand.”

Beyond Tomorrow Day Care, Inc (BTDC) is a daycare center that is dedicated to providing child care services to the residential area around Corona. BTDC focuses on providing full services that offer convenient and extended hours, drop-in or emergency care and educational and social skills development.

Business on Site Services, LLC is a corporate training and consulting firm that focuses on providing better alternatives to in-house resources. It aims to create an ongoing relationship with its clients and assist them in increasing the efficiency and productivity of their workforce by adjusting its corporate training and consulting firm services to fit their business needs.

CLICK is a training and development corporation that provides leadership training to educators. It offers interactive workshops and seminars that emphasize communication, critical thinking, social growth and personal finance.

Club Ground & Pound is a Mixed Martial Arts apparel company. Its mission is to give individuals the opportunity to express their love for MMA through its distinctively designed casual apparel and accessories while motivating them against personal obstacles in a fashionable way.

FuturePerfect Lab is an organization that uses pop culture as a means to promote social good. It collaborates with other non-profit organizations to promote their social messages for mass appeal by using integrated media strategies.

iOpenBid.com is a website that connects homeowners directly with contractors through a unique bidding mechanism that provides both parties with objective information to make appropriate decisions. It also offers educational materials about various project categories and an accurate rating system for contractors and homeowners.

Ketty’s Confections is a specialty bakery that focuses on wedding and special occasion cakes.

Legal Immigration Training and Education’s (LITE) is an organization that will offer affordable and high-quality immigration legal training to recent law school graduates, attorneys and BIA recognized agencies in New York City who want to learn more about immigration laws and remain updated on changes with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Queens Mamas is a Queens-based interactive website that aims to connect families with resources dedicated to stimulating healthy and happy families. The site is an online guide to Queens published by parents for parents.

Red Violet, LLC is a clothing company that focuses on boosting the confidence and self image of full-busted professional women through its clothing line, Campbell & Kate. The company makes button-front shirts for women who wear dress sizes 4 to 14 and bra cup sized D through H.

Stir It Up! is a culinary organization that aims to encourage children ages 6 through 14 to discover the creativity behind the culinary world. With its dedicated staff and innovative techniques, the organization inspires children to develop a love for cooking for one self and for others.

Xutor is a local social networking site that gives individuals the opportunity to connect with one another through an exchange of their respective skills.