Bayside Little League team inch closer to World Series

Bayside Little League team inch closer to World Series
By Phil Corso

It was a big win for these Little Leaguers.

The Bayside Rebels were crowned District 26 champions over the weekend and will now move onto the regionals on the road to Williamsport’s Little League World Series.

“This game, and those leading up to it, were all won as a team effort, along with Manager Randy DeCastro, Coach John Callahan and Coach Galo Cabrera,” said team parent Steven Perez. “We wish Bayside luck as they march forward on the road to Williamsport.”

The team played an away game against the Forest Hills Bombers under a hot sun and temperatures in the upper 90s, but that did not stop pitcher Nicholas Perez from firing his fastballs to the plate.

Though an early Forest Hills triple led to the team going up 1-0, Bayside battled back in the third inning to tie the game. More rallies in the fourth and fifth innings put the Rebels up 6-1 by the end of the game.

Bayside’s biggest bats came from the hands of John Callahan, Savvas Papadopoulos, Aristo Pagiatakis, Kevin O’Connor and Justin Paz. Key fielding plays were made by catcher John Callahan, right Fielder Regan Goger, second baseman Pagiatakis and pitcher Nicholas Perez.

By the bottom of the sixth, the sun became so intense that Bayside found themselves on the defense with the bases loaded. Papadopoulos came in as the team’s closer and put Forest Hills away with one last effort.

To celebrate, Callahan took the team out for ice cream to remark on the Rebels’ team effort that afternoon.