Guard Your Hi- Tech Gadgets on Trains

NYPD: Thieves Looking For Quick Steals

The NYPD Community Affairs Bureau is urging the public to be sure to safeguard their electronic devices while riding on subway trains.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are prime targets for thieves who remove these devices right from victims’ hands as the train doors close, leaving them helpless, and without their gadgets.

Over 70 percent of larcenies occur on the train and just under 15 percent occur on the platform. For their safety, the NYPD advises riders to refrain from using electronic devices onboard the train or station platforms.

“Secure electronic devices on your person and out of plain view,” the bureau advised. “Keep bags closed and zipped or fastened shut. If you must use your device on the train, do so away from the doors and remain alert. Headphones are a signal you are probably distracted.”

The public can also register their iPhones with the “Find my iPhone” application. They should also keep records of their device’s serial numbers to aid in the reporting of loss or theft.

For more information on preventing theft, or for other crime prevention and personal safety tips, visit www.nypdcommunityaffairs.org.

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