Rosedale Jets celebrate successful football season

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The Rosedale Jets Football Organization celebrated a successful season, including three Super Bowl wins, at its annual awards dinner Sunday night.

The nine-year-old division, the “Nasty 9s,” was among the Super Bowl victors. This win, however, was not their first.

The 21-boy team won the 2012 Super Bowl game and kept the tradition alive this past 2013 season.

“Their intent was to come out here and learn, and follow through from day one to completion,” said head coach Malik Cherry. “The guys played together last year. They already had a bond, and it helped with the transition in moving up to the 9 year olds [division].”

Cherry attributes the team’s undefeated season to teamwork and enthusiasm amongst all of the players.

“When they came to practice, they understood why they were out there,” he said. “They came to practice. They were focused. They had a lot of enthusiasm. They were out there to learn.”

The Nasty 9s defeated the Hempstead Tigers in a 12-0 victory during November’s Super Bowl game which they played in “arctic” conditions. Cherry said the temperature reached 15 degrees that day.

Coaches wrapped the young kids in blankets while they were on the sidelines and utilized all players so others could have a chance to warm up.

Cherry, in his sixth year coaching, said the past season was “one of the best experiences.”

“My past experiences have been good also. The teams always play hard and put their best foot forward and give 100 percent regardless of any loss,” he said. “But to have a combination of the guys winning and playing their A game, this is definitely a good feeling.”

The Jets’ 10-year-old and 12-year-old divisions also celebrated Super Bowl victories. All three teams were given trophies and jackets at the awards dinner on Jan. 19.

“So often, we highlight when things go wrong, and I think we need to find a way to be enthusiastic when things go right,” said Jets President Jacques Leandre. “Being recognized reinforces they’re special, and can and will be successful.”

About 200 football players and cheerleaders, 45 coaches and team moms make up the Rosedale Jets organization. This year, it was recognized as the Nassau County Football League’s Organization of the Year. Officials said the 2013 season was the “best year Rosedale had in all its 52 years.”



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