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Graffiti Cleaning Resumes Tuesday

The Greater Ridgewood Restoration Corporation (GRRC) starts its graffiti cleaning program Tuesday, Apr. 1.

As noted, GRRC volunteers and staff are once again surveying the neighborhood for graffiti locations. They are also contacting property owners in the Community Board 5 areas of Ridgewood, Glendale, Middle Village and Maspeth for permission to clean graffiti.

The GRRC will not clean or paint without the consent of the owner.

“We are ready to get to work. As soon as our hydrant permits are in affect, you’ll see us out there cleaning graffiti,” said Christa Walls GRRC’s program coordinator. “We’ve noticed quite a rise in graffiti vandalism in the past two months. It seemed as soon as the snow stopped the graffiti started.”

The GRRC had to end their 2013 cleaning season early because their pressure washer was no longer repairable. They have purchased a new hot water power washer allowing them to once again combat the destructive graffiti that plagues Ridgewood, Glendale Maspeth and Middle Village.

“Thanks to the generosity of business persons and private citizens we are back up and running. We depend on friends and neighbors to keep the anti-graffiti program operating.” said Executive Director Angela Mirabile. “We would like to restore our program back to five days a week, but the funding just isn’t there.”

The GRRC lost New York State program funding several years ago and had to cut graffiti cleaning from five days a week to three days. “

If you are a property owner with graffiti on your building, and would like to have it removed you can call GRRC. They will have you sign a waiver, once it is signed they will gladly remove the graffiti by power washing brick and washable surfaces or painting non-washable surfaces. .

If you have already signed a waiver and require cleaning or if you are a concerned citizen who would like to report a graffiti location just phone in the address and GRRC will take care of the rest.

The Greater Ridgewood Restoration Corporation relies on donations to keep their program funded. If you would like to make a donation or to volunteer your time please contact them. They are always grateful for any assistance.

For more information, contact the GRRC at 1-718-366-8721, write them at 68-56 Forest Ave., Ridgewood, NY 11385, or visit their website, www.ridgewoodrestoration.org.