Voca People bring their sound to Bayside

By Merle Exit

There will be a crash landing on the stage of the Performing Arts Center at Queensborough Community College.

Aliens, dressed in white from the planet Voca, will then attempt to recharge via contact with the audience through brainwaves of our music’s greatest hits.

The curtain will open for a performance of “The Voca People” on Sunday, Nov. 16, at 3 p.m., at the Queensborough Performing Arts Center on the campus of Queensborough Community College (222-05 56th Ave., Bayside).

“The Voca People” is an international, intergalactic vocal musical sensation which combines a capella and beat box to create a music and comedy experience that guarantees a great time for all ages.

“The Voca People speak the universal language of music,” said Susan Agin, executive and artistic director at QPAC. “That’s what makes this concert so right for Queens, the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world.”

The cast of eight includes: Captain Beat On; Scratcher; Tubas; Tenoro; Alta; Mezzo; Bari-tone; and Soprana.

They communicate to each other in their alien language but not to and with the audience. Expect more than 70 songs with choreography and mime, most with lyrics and others simply the tunes. There will be both medleys and single songs of several eras and genres as they delve through a history of music.

You will hear the likes of classical, jazz, show tunes, and many of the hits you have heard on the radio.

The cast also will come out into the audience and choose members to join them on stage. Prepare for anything.

One of the favorites is a five-minute tribute to the classic rock band Queen. Then again, the entire performance may be one of the most entertaining shows you have come across.

If you miss this last U.S. performance, who knows when they will return, or from where.

For tickets, call (718) 631-6311.

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