Q58 named slowest bus in borough

By Philip Newman

The slowest bus in Queens is the Q58 between Ridgewood and Main Street in Flushing, the transit group Straphangers Campaign announced Thursday.

The Q58 averaged 7.7 miles per hour.

The Q58 was far from slowest citywide, however, with the M79 crosstown bus plying 79th Street in Manhattan winning the Pokey award for averaging 3.2 miles an hour.

The Straphangers Campaign said Hawaiian volcano lava flows faster than the M79 travels, averaging 6 miles per hour.

“I’d think twice before trying to evacuate from an erupting volcano in an M79 bus,” said Gene Russianoff, attorney for the Straphangers Campaign. “Fleeing on foot would be faster, with an average human walking at a speed of about 3.5 mph,

The Schleppie award for the city’s least reliable bus went to the M15, which travels between 125th Street in Harlem and South Ferry, with 33 percent of buses arriving bunched together or with buses arriving with large gaps in service.

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